Camp History

The Basketball Camp Timeline:

2006 - Coach A.W. Hamilton founds the A.W. Hamilton Basketball School
  • Two leagues are founded, NCAA Division and NBA Division.
  • Famous Camp trademarks are introduced (Free-Throw Knockout, Hot Shots, “Camper of the Day”).
  • Each camper receives motivational books, camp photos, individual awards, a camp t-shirt, and more.
  • “Everybody’s a Winner” becomes a staple of camp.
  • Jared Prickett is introduced as the camps first ever “Guest Speaker”
  • The Georgetown Pavilion is introduced as the Camp venue.
  • The “famous” Awards Ceremony is launched.
  • 18 Campers attend the first ever session.
  • Camp Sponsor Spalding “The Official Ball of the NBA” is introduced.
  • Georgetown News Graphic writes first story on A.W. Hamilton Basketball School.
2007 - Camp grows from one session to two sessions. Camp roster grows from one session of 18 to a combined 93 campers for both sessions.
2008 - The famous camp website is launched
2008 - Camp reaches an all-time attendance high of 150 campers combined for both sessions.
2008 - Camp staff grows from 7 to 11 coaches, including two female coaches.
2009 - The A.W. Hamilton Basketball School “Christmas Mini Camp” is formed
2010 - To date over 14 Guest Speakers have spoken at Camp. Community Leader/Coaches/Former Players (NFL/College/Professional Basketball)
2010 - Camp breaks its own personal attendance mark and adds two new leagues (ABA, NCAA Div II), creating four leagues, to accommodate all age groups.
2011 - Camp has grown into one of the most dynamic camps in Kentucky. . Our website has grown and improved. We now are excited to launch our personal instruction for campers looking to advance there games outside of camp.
2021 - Largest attended Camps in Dream Big camp history. Over 140 attendees in Richmond Camp. Over 130 attendees in Georgetown Camp.